MediaCast Light JSC Sản phẩm Sản phẩm Sanway Audio Sanway Audio Active Line Array Active Line Array VR10&S30 10 inch tops and 15 inch subs Powered Line Array System

VR10&S30 10 inch tops and 15 inch subs Powered Line Array System

VR10&S30 10 inch tops and 15 inch subs Powered Line Array System

1. Easy to handle, built-in amplifier 2. Coming with neodymium drivers inside with light weight 3. Birch plywood cabinet 4. Superior sound quality

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VR10 is a vertical active line array speaker system created for events that require high-quality answers to the following requests: visual subtlety and compact dimensions, innovative output/size/weight ratios as well as quick and easy handling. VR S30 subwoofer is available where stronger bass output is required. Of these, S30 subwoofers with their flying systems integrate especially well with VR10, offering a visually subtle bass extension when flown above or stacked below the tops where floor space for woofers is unavailable.


We mount one D3 customized 1800W+900W+900W at 4 ohms three way class-D DSP powered amplifier module in S30 cabinet box. The 1800W channel to driver the S30, and 900W+900W two channel to driver two top VR10 Bi-amped line array speakers.

1. Easy to handle, built-in amplifier, no need separate amplifier
2. The mid-high horn with 80° horizontally coverage, developed using WaveFormer, is easy to exchange for a 120° element.
3. Coming with neodymium drivers inside with light weight
4. The power amplifier inside is D3 active module
5. Birch plywood cabinet
6. Superior sound quality


1. Applied to the outdoor show the high quality of amplifiercation.

2. Can also be used to theater, stadium(hall), conference center.

3. Multi-function room or the concert hall, performing arts venues such as fixed installation sound reinforcement applications.

VR10 Specification


Model VR10
Drivers 1 x 10" LF / 2 x 1.75" HF
Frequency range 60 - 16000 Hz
Power capacity program / peak: 500 / 1000 W bi-amped LF          
200 / 400 W bi-amped HF
    600 / 1200 W
Impedance 16 Ohms (bi-amp LF)
16 Ohms (bi-amp HF)
12 Ohms (passive)
Coverage range (h x v)         80° oder 120 ° x 10°
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m 103 dB (bi-amp LF)
111 dB (bi-amp HF)
104 dB (passive)
SPL max / 1 m / peak         133 dB
Dimensions (h x w x d)         275 x 500 x 355 mm
Net Weight        16 kg
Finish         polyurethane coating

VR10 dimension
VR10 single 10 inch line array birch plywood speaker box

VR10 cabinet box.jpg


VR10 line array assemble


VR10 line array assemblyVR10 line array assembly

S30 dual 15 inch subwoofer Specification


Model S30
Driver 2 x 15"
Frequency range 35-200 Hz
Power capacity/ peaker 2400/4800W
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 1 W/1M 98dB
SPL max/1m/peak 133dB
Connectors 2 speakon NL4
Dimensions 446x706x800mm
Weight Passive:42 kgs; Active:48KG
Finish polyurethane coating

S30 dimension
S30 subwoofer birhc plywood enclosure
S30 cabinet boxes.jpg


10 inch woofer of VR10 line array for church

VR10 10 inch woofer 10NW65-16.pdf

 1.75 inch HF driver of VR10 pro line array :

VR10 1.75 inch HF driver DE400-8.pdf

VR10 10 inch woofer and 1.75 inch drivers

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