Đèn Aputure Light Storm COB120t

Đèn Aputure Light Storm COB120t

Aputure Light Storm COB120t là loại đèn trường quay sử dụng công nghệ mới nhất của Aputure, cho công suất cao, đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn CRI97+, giá thành hợp lý. Lý tưởng cho cả phòng chụp hình và quay video chất lượng cao.

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Light Storm COB120t
A COB for Light Storm

The LS  C120t is the first Chip On Board design in our Aputure Light Storm series. The LS C120t is the ideal light source for both photographers and filmmakers.

Immaculate Lighting

The LS C120t features a CRI 97+, and with a 3000k color temperature. Not only by this, its TLCI also has been measured at up to 97+. TLCI or Television Lighting Consistency Index, is the accurate measurement of color fidelity of a light source for broadcast use; it shows how light source will render colors well in a film or photography context. Therefore, the LS C120t will display natural, pristine color in both photo and video applications.

TLCI: 97+
CRI(Ra): 97
Auto/Force Model
Powerful Temperature Control

The LS C120t has a remarkably intelligent temperature control system. The fans rotation will be varied based on the correspondent ambient temperature. Furthermore, the fan will go to the maximum of rotation when you press the Auto/Force model. This complex fan system is convenient for both improving the dissipation efficiency and light lifespan in complex shooting environments.

Amazingly Quiet

Most lights utilizing a fan system are too loud and not suitable for film or video production, however, the LS C120t with its built-in electric fan produces only 18dB noise,like a person's normal breathing. That means fan noise is negligible, even if your LS C120t runs at maximum output.

Professional Accessory Mount

LS C120t uses a popular industry design of professional Bowen-S* mount which is incredibly flexible when mounting to various accessories. For now, the Aputure Light dome soft box, umbrella and Beauty Dish will help start your Bowen-S* mount accessory collection.

Portable and Lightweight

Portable and lightweight, two characteristics many photographers and filmmakers can appreciate in equipment that gets often used. The LS C120t has a weight of 1.6kg, which is almost the same weight of a 13 inch Macbook pro.

Separated Light Control Operation

The LS C120t has a separated light control design. This allows people to control illumination on the controller box; you will no longer operate from the back on light panels, greatly reducing the gravity, weight and time spent adjusting the light.

Ingenious Design

Featuring an aircraft grade-aluminum body, the LS C120t is remarkably tough and durable. It undertakes more than 100 fabrication procedures such as extrusion, cutting, trim, sandblasting, laser engraving, etc. The delicate design and elaborate production makes the LS C120t fashionable and robust.

Effective Battery Power Solutions

The LS C120t is able to meet your various shooting requirements with two battery mount options. A SONY V-mount or Anton Bauer battery can be used for location shooting.

100m Wireless Remote Control

Using 2.4G FSK technologies, the LS C120t can power on or off, adjusted brightness wirelessly, even 100m away.

Assisted Handgrip

The LS C120t has a practical engineering principle of a handlegrip. It is very convenient to adjust the light direction.

Two Package Versions

The LS C120t has two versions of package available, you can choose whichever you like.

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