Đèn LED gắn máy quay Apruture Amaran AL-M9

Đèn LED gắn máy quay Apruture Amaran AL-M9

Aputure Amaran AL-M9 là loại đèn LED gắn máy quay nhỏ gọn, công suất cao, đáp ứng tiêu chuẩn CRI95+, giá thành hợp lý, đèn LED có hệ thống tản nhiệt tốt, gắn pin Canon ngoài, linh hoạt bỏ túi và mang ra hiện trường.

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The Amaran AL-M9 is a pocket sized LED fill light. It is incredibly compact and lightweight with 9 SMD bulbs that are powerful in the palm of your hand. It provides a max of 900lux that is able to do close-up fill light. It's flexibility makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications from run and gun video to macro product photography, the possibilities are endless for how this light can be used.

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A Tiny Design with
Huge Ambitions

The Amaran AL-M9 takes its surprisingly tiny and innovative design to a level of versatility not seen in another LED light. It has a credit card size, weighing only 140g which is quite comfortable to fit in your hand and just throw it into your pocket until you need it. With a smooth surfaced back you can use all sorts of adhesives to mount this light on or under nearly any surface!

High Color Restoration

The Amaran AL-M9 inherits the belief of true color pursuit of

the Amaran series. It features an excep-tionally high color

accuracy rating in both CRI and TLCI of 95+, which means it

will display natural, pristine color in both photo and video applications.


Surprisingly, The AL-M9 offers gels filters allowing for both tungsten (CTO)

and daylight diffusion (3200-8800K), controlling the color or characteristics of the light.

Fill Light for
Narrow Places

The Amaran AL-M9 size and output can be

the difference in making a shot happens in

tough small shooting environments.

For example, you could use Velcro to attach

the AL-M9 to the visor or ceiling inside a car

create a unique and effectively lit scene great

for both interior and exterior shots.

9 Steps Dimming

The Amaran AL-M9 has a dimmer with 9 levels

of power that allows you to adjust brightness

more conveniently.With the diffuser attached it's

possible to soften the subject lighting and decrease

the shadows conveniently.

Internal Battery with Micro-USB Charging

The AL-M9 offers an internal lithium-ion battery that can be recharged using the

5 volts Micro-USB cable (included). And it can last up to 1.5 hours at 100%.

and 13 hours at mininum brightness.

Universal Adapter

Amaran AL-M9 Lighting Up includes universal adapter that offers you the ability

to mount it on the hot-shoe of a camera, tripod, light stand or other

supports using the 1/4 thread on the underside.

Lighting your Inspiration

With the Amaran AL-M9 Lighting Up, you can be sure to fill in light

with a large measure of flexibility. Moreover, using more than one together

will really expand the flexibility of your lighting!

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