Đèn LED gắn máy quay TY-LED005

Đèn LED gắn máy quay TY-LED005

Đèn LED quay phim TY-LED005 của T&Y sử dụng Công nghệ 5 bóng LED công suất lớn cho mức sáng lớn, điều khiển bằng Dimming, điều khiển từ xa hoặc qua DXM, sử dụng nguồn pin Sony, nên rất tiện dụng khi gắn mấy quay và mang ra hiện trường.

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LED digital battery operated camera video light adopts high color rendering index small power LED

as the lighting source, with the advantages with sound lighting effect, good color rendering performance

and 50000 hours of life. It is mainly applied to motion videography, motion picture, and still photography.

Ideal for both studio and location work .

Why choose the LEDs as the studio lighting?

More and more TV-watching people and media personalities prefer to choose LED lights

as the studio lighting source.  For a long time, TV studio relies on the inefficient tungsten

halogen or fluorescent lighting fixtures, which is high energy input but low light output,

and finally it will be replaced by the new generation LED panels with sound lighting effect.


T&Y LED Features:

l        Accurate and stable color temperature

l        High color rendering index above 90

l        Adjustable beam controlled manually or with DMX or with wireless remote control

l        Long life LEDs, universally flicker free

l        Beam focus: 35 degree, 45 degree,60 degree

l        Energy efficient and compact design

l        Digital smooth dimming from 0% to 100%, no color shift

l        Eco- friendly and CE certificated

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