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Đèn LED Fresnel Spot Light Trường quay TY-LED6100

Đèn LED Fresnel Spot Light Trường quay TY-LED6100

Đèn LED Fresnel quay phim TY-LED6100 của T&Y sử dụng Công nghệ Fresnel Spotlight, tích kiệm điện, chiếu điểm cho mức sáng lớn, chỉ số CRI > 90, cho các mức màu 3200, 5600, điều khiển bằng Dimming, điều khiển từ xa hoặc qua DXM, sử dụng nguồn AC hoặc pin V-mount, nên rất tiện dụng mang ra hiện trường.

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TY-LED6100 high illumination LED Spotlight

LED spot light 6100

TY-LED6100 Spot light

Model: TY-LED6100


High CRI:Above 90

Illumination:21000lx 1m,7360lx 2m(5600k)   16500lx 1m, 5700lx 2m(3200k)

Digital dimming:0%-100%

With focus adjust 

With DMX512

With wireless remote control


Color temperature:3200k or 5600k

LED Fresnel spotlight

    Compact design and light weigh:T&Y LED spotlight adopts high strength engineering

plastics and aluminium profile as the light material, it has the advantages of small size ,light weight and also high strength.

    Unique cooling system: The cooler is made of aluminium alloy under the processing fo cold forging.

Cooling naturally,without fan, without noise.

     Reasonable lighting design: lighting scurce adopts high CRI,

high illumination led module, with the fresnel lens and more flexble focusing

structure, reaching pretty good lighting performance.

     Portable, easy to install: unique external power design makes it much more convenient for

out-dooring working. For studio use ,power adapter can be easily hung on the light.

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