Aputure Soft Box

Aputure Soft Box

EZ Box+ Softbox Kit là bộ phụ kiện làm mịn ánh sáng dành riêng cho các dòng đèn LED Amazan của Aputure.

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Get Your Kit, Meet Your Mind
The three versions diffuser kit can meet various requirements. EZ frost can expand light area, 
and soften light; EZ box can enhance contrast of the subject; EZ box+ can reduce light angle 
to more precisely control light.
Better Lighting Control
To present perfect effect of a subject, the EZ Box Softbox 
Kit effectively prevents light from flowing. The special inside 
special reflection materials also maximize light use and spotlight. 
When you are making lighting, you will be more flexible to control 
the frame contrast and brighten the lighting area. 
Start Professional Lighting Set-Up 
with EZ box+

The additional grid included in the EZ Box+ kit makes light easier 
to control and direct. Its 35 degrees lighting diffusion range is decided 
after hundreds of tests. Precise laser cutting technology allows EZ 
box+ diffuse light in an aimed direction and separate foreground from background. Just get the kit and start your professional lighting set up.
EZ Box Softbox Kit
Designed for Amaran

Compared to conventional soft box, Aputure’s EZ 
Box Softbox Kit can perfectly fit Amaran HR672 and 
Al-528 light for the purpose of consistency and durability. 
It provides exceptional soft light effects in a compact and portable package with the cooling hole is not obscured at 
Light and Portable
EZ Box+ Softbox kit(Grid) has a weight 
of 440g, it is easy and quick to assemble. 
All small parts are packed in portable bag 
for on the go shooters. Take your ideas 
wherever and whenever your creativity 
takes you.
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