Bộ điều khiển SKAARHOJ C201

Bộ điều khiển SKAARHOJ C201

SKAARHOJ E201 là bộ điều khiển dành riêng cho cho các Serie ATEM: ATEM Production Studio, ATEM 1ME/ 2ME và HyperDeck, VideoHub của Blackmagic Design. Được sản xuất tại Đan Mạch theo tiêu chuẩn EU. SKAARHOJ E201 là sản phẩm lý tưởng cho các đơn vị đã có, hoặc đang có ý định đầu từ một hệ thống trộn hình kết hợp giữa Blackmagic ATEM và Skaarhoj có giá thành hợp lý, hiệu năng cao, chất lượng tuyệt vời.

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The C201 is a dedicated hardware broadcast panel for your ATEM switcher packaged in a desktop design, ready for traditional central even operation. It’s a beautiful package in anodized solid aluminum that can take a beating. The operation is laid out traditionally with a program and preview bus in addition to CUT, AUTO, DSK1/2, Media Player 1/2, FTB and SHIFT - or however you like it. Buttons can be re-programmed to any functionality you like. As an option you can get a real T-bar and the cool SmartSwitches so you can expand the functionality of the controller even further – while you still have switching control! In the display and menu system you can set transition rate, transition type, 1ME/2ME control and a lot more. See the controller presentation video to see how it works


  • 32 red/green backlit broadcast quality buttons
  • Transparent button caps for custom labels
  • Bolt-eye for stripping power cable
  • 3x16 chars backlit display (black on white) with 2 rotary menu controls
  • All buttons fully programmable
  • Slider for transitions (“T-bar” option available)
  • 2 x SmartSwitches with 64x32 graphical displays (“2 x SmartSwitches” option available)
  • Power over Ethernet (“PoE” option available)
  • Web configuration interface for IP settings
  • Completely self contained unit with EtherMega inside
  • Stylish and durable blue anodized aluminum enclosure
  • 100% Creative Commons/Open Source design (CC-by-sa or GNU/GPL)
  • Weight: 1845 g
  • Size: 32 x 15 x 8.4 cm (enclosure size)
  • Please note: Design have been slighty upgraded - see video below

This is a thorough walk-through of a C201 Desktop Controller with options: T-bar, 2 x SmartSwitches and PoE. In this presentation the C201 is configured to control a HyperDeck, Videohub as well as the ATEM Switcher.

T-bar option. The controller will be fitted with a slider, if this option is not selected.
SmartSwitch option. The SmartSwitches will be omitted if this option is not selected.


Get the metal T-bar with barrel handle to spice up the C201 For an extra xxx$ we give you the cockpit feeling with a quality hall-effect type T-bar for creating smooth transition between two buses. The controller will be fitted with a slider, if this option is not selected.

2 x SmartSwitches

This is a great add-on to extend the functionalities of the preview/program bus and the 8 upper buttons (see the controller presentation video). Each button has a 64x32 pixel display which can show any user defined bitmap graphic or a number of text lines with backlit options of 64 different RGB colors. The SmartSwitches will be omitted if this option is not selected.


With the Power over Ethernet option you can communicate and power the C201 with a single cable (PoE compatible switch/hub required)

C201 w. 10 inputs
C201 w. 12 inputs
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