Hệ thống trường quay ảo KORAD FORCAST

Hệ thống trường quay ảo KORAD FORCAST

Trường quay ảo VRCast là hệ thống trường quay ảo "All in One" của Korad, bao gồm các chức năng VR, CG, Switcher, Recorder sử dụng công nghệ hiện đại, có mức giá vừa phải, phù hợp với các đài PT-TH, các Cơ quan Báo chí, Tổ chức truyền thông, Trường học, ... của Việt Nam.

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  • A Complete all in One Solution specially designed for broadcast professionals to deliver extraordinary contents in the easiest way anywhere any time.
  • An Extremely Powerful and Versatile Solution which supports Video & Audio Switching, Multi-channel Recording, Character Generator and HD  Virtual Studio, making it a perfect live production system which alone can substitute different equipment’s from traditional studio.
  • A User-Friendly System which is fully equipped with all the advanced tools required by the professional in the most simplistic way possible.
  • A value Product which has been widely used for various purpose such as News, Sports, E-learning, Educational shows, Live shows, Corporate events, Worship house, Exhibitions and many others.

Professional UI

  • Real-time preview of inputs, PVW AND PGM, WYSIWYG.
  • Expand an extra screen to realize custom multi-view full-screen display, making it easy for preview.
  • Support real-time overlay of audio UV and dynamic display of audio peaks.
  • Support multi-view monitor, allows watching the real-time status of playing channel, preview channel, recording channel, and audio channel.
  • Provide easy play control of local sources, Script FX channel, and CG channel with Mini control panel.


Compatible with a Variety of Inputs

  • Support multiple video & audio live inputs (SDI, HDMI, Component, etc.).
  • Support 2 channels for frame-accurate clip play and playlist of local sources.
  • Support 1 channel for Script FX composition, create virtual studio and live picture-in-picture effect easily.
  • Support 1 channel for remote VGA signal input , realize the playout of PPT and remote screen at low cost.
  • Support up to 2 local CG with custom replaceable content, allow fast modification and playout of name title and other titles.
  • Support 1 clock (quartz clock or digital clock) and 2 LOGO overlay (32bit-movie LOGO or image LOGO), allow changing clock, LOGO, position, and size freely, and with up to 10 preset keys.

Multiple Output Options

  • 1 channel for real-time video & audio program live output (SDI, HDMI, Component, etc.), 1 channel for real-time video & audio preview output.
  • Multiple channels for real-time Live video & audio media recording.
  • 1 channel for program media recording, allow recording CG-free video & audio file at the meantime

Virtual Studio

  • HD Trackless Virtual studio
  • Simple and easy integration of live actors or talents with virtual set
  • 1 channel Virtual studio with 4 camera modes support
  • 30+ ready to use HD virtual sets
  • Supports 2 Channels CG, and provides separate preview & program options for layout
  • Supports flexible playlist control as well as real time multi-layer play. Every play list has independent hotkey control
  • Supports PVW and PGM channel. With independent VGA preview channel, we can preview waiting layout in real time before on-air
  • Supports play and edit functions simultaneously. You can immediately create or modify other layout without interrupting the current playing layout to enhance play flexibility
  • Supports a variety of on-air template types such as text crawler, stock crawler, universal flip object etc
  • Supports a variety of templates including CG layout template, Layout template, Animation template, Effect template, Style template
  • Supports high quality GPU Render and Effect
Video and Audio Switcher
  • Multi-channel Virtual switcher between PGM and PVW
  • One-click switching as well as manual switching via T-BAR between TRANS and CUT
  • One-click overlay of CG1/CG2 or CLOCK/LOGO1/LOGO2
  • One-click adding or applying of transition, clock, LOGO, or Chroma key
  • Support FTB
  • Hundreds of transitions (including standard wipe, 3D scroll, 3D flip, slide, door opening, blind, etc.)
  • Custom 32bit full-screen animated transitions and extendable transitions effects
  • Exclusive switching macro recording function, allow recording various switching operation in advance and invoking it anytime to realize auto switching or combined switching effects


  • Multi-channel recording of Live input, PVW & PGM separately or simultaneously
  • With CG or without CG recording function
  • With Audio or without Audio recording
  • Recording file format : Canopus HQX AVI
  • Real-time preview of inputs, PVW, and PGM
  • Compatible with SD, both PAL and NTSC
  • Support HD 1080 50i, 59.94i, 60i, HD 720 50p, 59.94p, and 60p
  • Local video file formats: Canopus HQ/HQX AVI, Avid DNxHD MXF, MPG, Matrox MPEG-2 I Frame AVI, QuickTime MOV, WAV, MP3
  • Image formats: TGA,PNG,BMP,JPG,PSD,TIFF
  • Support Black Magic Decklink series boards, including Decklink SDI (4K), Decklink Duo, Decklink Quad, Decklink Studio (4K), Decklink 4K Extreme, Decklink Mini Recorder, and Decklink Mini Monitor
  • Compatible with Matrox XMIO series, DSX LE series, and Mojito series boards
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