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Phần mềm Streaming Wowza Streaming Cloud

Phần mềm Streaming Wowza Streaming Cloud

Wowza Streaming Cloud là dịch vụ streaming của Wowza sử dụng công nghệ điện toán đám mây với các lợi ích như không phải mua và quản lý phần cứng/ phần mềm, tự động hóa thay đổi size cho người xem, thiếp lập nhanh chóng, trả tiền theo thời gian sử dụng, ...

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Wowza Streaming Cloud Features

Pro-grade cloud streaming

Built on Wowza Streaming Engine

Rely on a cloud streaming service built on the industry-leading Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software, which produces reliable, high-quality audio and video streams that play back promptly and smoothly.

Live Stream Transcoding

Send Wowza Streaming Cloud™ a single “master” H.264- or H.265-encoded live stream, which is transcoded in the cloud to create keyframe-aligned adaptive streams of equal or smaller size. These play back seamlessly for audiences anywhere, on any device.

World-Class Edge Network

Send your live video to Wowza Streaming Cloud from anywhere in the world. Simply choose the broadcast location closest to your live event. The intelligent delivery platform comprises a distributed network of edge servers and network-management software that delivers more than two trillion interactions daily.

Scalable & Reliable Service

Get the transcoding and bandwidth you need for any size stream, anywhere. Built-in redundancy and scalability mean you don’t need to worry about system failures, perform administrative tasks, or manage hardware or software resources.

Schedule Start/Stop Times for Live Streams

Use daily or weekly schedules to automatically start or stop a live stream or transcoder at a predetermined date and time, speeding your production workflow.

Record and Store Live Streams in the Cloud

Create MP4 recordings of your live streams and transcoded output. Recordings capture up to eight hours of content and can be stored in Wowza Streaming Cloud or downloaded locally.

Brand Management

No Third-Party Ads

No Third-Party Ads

Have full control of how your audience sees your brand: No ads you don't want. No extra fees or need to opt out. And no Wowza branding.

Custom-Branded Playback

Custom-Branded Playback

Deliver live streams to viewers using a customizable player and hosted web page. Add your own titles, logos, and watermarks.

Advanced Controls

Custom Transcoding

Use the advanced options in Wowza Streaming Cloud to customize transcoding settings, choose additional stream sources, and add stream targets. This allows you to build in redundancy, optimize streams for specific applications and devices, and scale to larger and more widely distributed audiences.

Viewer Statistics

See your number of viewers by country, including information on viewing location and duration for Adobe HDS and Apple HLS adaptive bitrate renditions of your streams. In addition, view details of stream-processing time, network usage, egress, and peak recording storage for the account.

Modular Workflows

Use custom transcoders, sources, and targets independently for modular workflows. For example, let Wowza Streaming Cloud transcode your live stream and then have an external CDN deliver the adaptive streams to viewers. Or bypass the Wowza Streaming Cloud transcoder but use the Wowza Streaming Cloud edge network to deliver your streams.


Use the REST API to control and manage transcoding through HTTP requests and to integrate with other business processes and systems.

Wowza Streaming Cloud Specifications


Protocols RTMP
Codecs Video: H.264, H.265 (preview)
Audio: AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC (accPlus) v1 & v2, MP3
Cameras IP cameras that use RTMP or RTSP/RTP protocols
Wowza GoCoder™ app
Works With Wowza™–supported cameras
​JVC® GY-HM650, GY-LS300, 850, and 890 cameras
Sony® SRG-300SE camera
Axis® (most models)
Encoders H.264 encoders that use RTMP or RTSP/RTP protocols
Works With Wowza™–supported encoders
NewTek TriCaster
Telestream Wirecast
Teradek Cube
Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro
Epiphan Systems Pearl
Matrox Monarch
Stream ingest Push source streams directly to Wowza Streaming Cloud™
Pull streams from a third-party server or CDN


Protocols Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
Adobe® Flash HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
RTMP (requires 3rd party player)
Codecs Video: H.264
Audio: AAC
Players Wowza Streaming Cloud Player (for embedding on your website)
Wowza Streaming Cloud hosted web page
JW Player®
iOS native player
Android (with HLS-compatible players)
Adobe® Flash (HDS/HLS-compatible players)
QuickTime® Player (10.0 or later for OS X)
Content delivery networks (CDNs) CDN provided
Compatible with most third-party CDNs
Publish to YouTube Live and Ustream
Direct CDN ingest
Devices All common devices and platforms:
Mobile phones and tablets
Gaming consoles
IPTV/OTT devices
Smart TVs
HD support Up to 1080p
Up to 30 FPS
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